Here are the latest Customs import and export exchange rates from the Central Bank of Samoa. They are applied on a weekly basis and are incorporated into the Customs ASYCUDA World System for declaration or entry processing.

Custom Rates

January 2016






file pdf25th - 29th  

July 2016


file pdf 04th - 8th

file pdf 11th - 15th

file pdf 18th - 22nd

file pdf 25th - 29th

February 2016


file pdf 01st - 05th

file pdf 08th - 12th

file pdf 15th - 19th

file pdf 22nd - 26th

file pdf 29th - 04th March

August 2016


file pdf 01st - 05th

file pdf 08th - 12th

file pdf 15th - 19th

file pdf 22nd - 26th

file pdf 29th - 02nd September

March 2016 


file pdf 07th - 11th

file pdf 14th - 18th

file pdf 21st - 25th

file pdf 28th - 01st April

September 2016


file pdf 05th - 09th

file pdf 12th - 16th

file pdf 19th - 23rd

file pdf 26th - 30th

 April 2016 


file pdf 04th - 08th 

file pdf 11th - 15th

file pdf 18th - 22nd

file pdf 25th - 29th 

October 2016


file pdf 03rd - 07th

file pdf 10th - 14th

file pdf 17th - 21st

file pdf 24th - 28th

file pdf 31st - 04th November  

May 2016  

file pdf 2nd - 6th

file pdf 9th - 13th

file pdf 16th - 20th

file pdf 23rd - 27th 

file pdf 30th - 3rd June

November 2016

file pdf  7th - 11th


June 2016  

file pdf 6th - 10th

file pdf 13th - 17th 

file pdf20th - 24th

file pdf 27th - 1st July


You can download old rates here

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